happy go lucky (it’s my way)

Once a friend told me that I’m not able to understand the big problems other people have because I’m a happy go lucky person. I totally disagreed with her in the first point maybe she thought my life is easier than the life other people have, but I’m dealing with my own problems every day and it’s okay, because these problems just challenge me to get better every day but that’s not the main point I wanna talk about. Finally I understand the second part of her sentence and I realised it’s the best compliment anyone could ever say to me. Maybe she didn’t saw it as a compliment in first place but I do now understand it beause I know she didn’t meant the shy, invisible person everyone sees when they first look at me. That moment she meant the optimistic, funny, happy, sometimes weird and freaky person deep inside of me she literally saw the real me not the one everybody thinks I am. So I wanna thank her for calling me a happy go lucky person cause that’s who I really am and I love myself for being optimistic and trying to do the best out of every situation. Besides what would pessimistic thoughts even give to me? Nothing than worrys and a waste of time so I’d rather stay the way I am cause that’s obviously the right way, it’s my way.



4 Gedanken zu “happy go lucky (it’s my way)

Über Rückmeldungen und Kritik freue ich mich sehr, also lass deinen Gedanken freien Lauf.

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